and helping your child soar.


Gone are the days of having to do it all. With Nanny Village, you can have it all without giving up the parts you really love:

Those quiet moments with your children, the adventurous and fun times you can spend with your family, and a clean house that you don’t have to negotiate fruit snacks for.

The specialized services at Nany Village give you everything you need and more. 

Full & Part-Time Care

Take a break and benefit from the help of a professional nanny who supports your family and can provide engaging activities, school transportation, meal preps and even some light child-related housekeeping.


Newborn & Specialty Care

Begin your first year of parenthood with the help of our experienced Newborn Care Specialists, or provide expert care for your child that requires an extra touch of gentleness and understanding. Our trained professionals are ready to care for your family during this important time in your lives.

Private Educators &
Virtual Services

Boost your child’s skills in all areas and keep them engaged with our team of private educators with experience in all types of learning styles. From distance learning to homeschool support, our certified Private Educators are in your corner.

Elite Household Support

Enjoy time with your family with chef-created meals, shopping and housework support, and–yes–a spotless clean house. Finally.


Find a special nanny that cares about your children just as much as you do and brings professionalism, enthusiasm and extra smiles every single day.



Find a consistent nanny with more than 3 years of experience, exceptional references, and who can lovingly convince your child to eat all – yes all – of their broccoli. Yay!


Enjoy time with your family while we meticulously screen, background check (local, national and sex offender database), verify TrustLine and CPR certifications, and references.


Experience having someone you can trust in your corner who is dedicated to helping your family learn, grow and thrive. Our nannies are team players with integrity and a can-do attitude.

Benefits & Rates

At Nanny Village, our goals are to provide you with phenomenal support professionals and a streamlined process that gives you peace of mind. 

Personalized Process: From start to finish, our team is dedicated to providing a process that is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Trusted Vetting Process: Every candidate is meticulously screened and vetted through many rounds of face-to-face interviews, reference checks, personality screens, certification verification and an extensive background check in local and national databases.

Ongoing support: Once you become a part of the Nanny Village family, you can count on our team to support you for the long haul. We are always available and happy to serve you!


Our team members will work with you to understand your individual needs and assist you in creating a comprehensive compensation package. Altough every package is unique, below is a general guideline.

Full & Part Time Care

Professional nannies typically earn between $18 – $40/hour depending on location, experience and duties. Additionally, guarenteed hours, PTO and sick pay are usually offered. 

Newborn specialty

Professional Newborn Care Specialists and Specialty Care Professionals typically earn $30+/hour depending on their location, experience and certifications.

private educator

Certified educators typically earn $20+/hour depending on their location, experience, learning styles, preferred hours, and certifications.

household support

Experienced Household Support professsionals typically earn $18+/hour depending on their location, tasks, experience, and preferred hours.

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