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Oh, but it doesn’t stop there! There’s enough learning to go around, and our virtual services aims to be a resource in our community that brings us all together to learn that cool new thing that’s going to make things a lot easier. Distance 

Prepare your children with state-certified curriculum from a private educator.

You’re handling a lot. (That’s likely an understatement.) And on top of it all, you have to think about preparing your kids for their capital F-future.

We’re talking education, and there’s no reason you should need to wear all of the hats all of the time. Our private educators are certified tech-savvy teachers and creators of preschool/pre-kindergarten – 12th-grade-level curriculum so your children can be prepared and engaged.

Private Educators

Boost your child’s skills and keep them engaged with our team of professional private educators with teaching experience in all types of learning styles, including Common Core, Montessori, Waldorf and more.

A quality education is the best gift we, as parents, can give our kids. And with everything under the sun on that never ending to do list, a Nanny Village Private Educator can give your children the tools, encouragement and curriculum they need to succeed. Private Educators are available for in-person or virtual instruction to assist with:

Homeschooling, distance learning, SAT Prep, Kindergarten readiness, and more to help bridge any potential learning gaps.

Virtual Services

Get excited for engaging webinars and classes by our Virtual Services team! Meet our experts and become one yourself on topics that matter most to you and your family.

(we can’t wait to meet you!)

Nanny Village is ready to give you stress-free, professional, and compassionate childcare.

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