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Welcome to Nanny Village! 

I am Marquis Anne.

I am the Founder of Nanny Village and a Childcare Advocate.
I’m also a mom of three with first-hand experience of how life-changing finding the right nanny can be. My passion is helping families just like yours find quality support from professional and meticulously vetted nannies, newborn care specialists, family assistants and private educators.

It takes a village, let’s find yours…

How We Can Help

Experience is key and Nanny Village nannies have plenty of it to offer! Our full and part time nannies provide the very best in quality care.

Your peace of mind and comfort is our highest priority. Let an experienced Newborn Care Specialist or Doula provide you with the support every new parent needs.

Need help with distance learning or extra tutoring for your child? Boost your child’s skills in all subjects with our private educators, teachers and tutors. 

Relax and enjoy those special moments with your family. You can be confident that your meals are prepared, errands are completed and your household is running smoothly. 

3Nanny Village Homepage Story Sequence Photo 1

When you come home to see your children beaming…

And the dishes are done…

When you know your children are learning and
while you’re at work…


And the toys are put away…

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When you feel like you’ve found a new piece of your family . . .

That’s the story you’re after.


A home that feels more at home than ever before.

You know your family

deserves a tender-hearted nanny

who can cut the crusts off,

belt out Baby Shark with enthusiasm,

and provide a nurturing hug

and the perfect band aid

for your kids if they get a boo-boo.

 There isn’t one single thing you’re looking for, but you’ll know

it when you see it.

At Nanny Village, we’re the ones that are going to
transform your big list of

“I wish” into your gratitude journal full of “thank yous.”

From our family to yours,
things are about to get a lot easier.

Meet Your New Nanny in 4 Steps

Your time is precious. That is why we offer an easy streamlined process for you. Our team works tirelessly to meticulously recruit only the top candidates for your family’s unique needs.


From schedules and routines, to crust on or crust off preferences, we want to learn all about your special family’s unique needs.


Get excited about the breadth of our nannies and their experience. They have been hand-picked, prescreened, and background-checked specifically for your family!


Take the opportunity to share your expectations and those tiny details (crust on!) with your selected nannies. We will handle the scheduling.


Congrats! Take a bow! You have just tremendously enhanced your family support system and can now enjoy the improved quality of life you deserve. We are here for you every step of the way!

What Families are Saying

The most reliable and professional nannies around. Every experience with Nanny Village has not only been positive but exceeded our expectations. It’s so nice to finally have someone in our corner that cares so deeply for our kids and family.

Bowman Monahan

Being a first time Mom of twins could have been an overwhelming experience but Nanny Village has been our go-to source for trustworthy support. We found the care we needed and couldn’t be happier!


Pricilla Johnson

We needed someone to care for our boys when we went back to work who could also help with homeschooling. Thanks to Nanny Village, we now have an amazing nanny and a private teacher whom our kids adore. As do we!

Jolene Chan

Why Nanny Village?

Because it’s not just about quality nanny care.

It’s about finding that person who can be more than a nanny for your family.

It’s about finding your perfect nanny to brighten your kid’s day. It’s about preparing your baby for kindergarten.

It’s about providing what you and your children will need before you need it. 

Simply matching families and nannies with the same availability and expecting a match made in heaven is not what we are about…

If you want to uplift your family, prepare your children for a positive and healthy life, and find a nanny that provides peace of mind every day, you need a village. 

At Nanny Village, we work tirelessly to provide our families with experienced, dependable nannies who are kind, patient and excellent team players dedicated to your family’s success and well-being. Our nannies have been meticulously screened and have passed a criminal background check (local, national and sex offender databases). In addition to having exceptional references, each candidate has completed multiple rounds of interviews and are happy to commit to at least one year of service for your special family.