"Would it be weird to have a section in every blog with a contact us for placement or a need help finding your next hire - contact us and a disclaimer that these are just suggestions and in no way meant to influence their hiring or employment decisions?

Or to give an option for them to sign up for our newsletter in every blog?"

Marquis, I added a CTA option at the bottom of each blog page to contact you. 

I added a sidebar with your 'ads' aka your PDF downloads, services and I can add the newsletter too. anyway to keep them on your website or to get on your email list is a plus. 

Note to self - go back and make sure this is the case for the category pages. 




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At Nanny Village helping families thrive isn’t just what we do… its who we are. With Nanny Village in your corner, you don’t have to do it all – but you can still have it all.

Your quick guide to making your next nanny or family assistant hire successful, and includes a glossary of nanny services including ROTA Nanny, Travel Nanny, Overnight Nanny and more.


3 Benefits of Legal Pay for Nannies and How You Can Get Child Care Benefit Taxes Back

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