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How Can The Right Support Change Your Life?

As a newlywed, my amazing husband and I naively skipped around California deciding where to settle into a home and start a family. We left all of our friends and family behind.

I believed that all we needed was just the two of us.

Don’t get me wrong, we make a great team and all but reality came knocking HARD when we had our first child… a daughter.

I tried working from home and balancing new mommy life. Truth be told, I was EXHAUSTED and after realizing just how far we had skipped away from our family,

I started the search for support.

And it was a CRAZY BAD experience. Oh, the no-shows and the countless nannies that sat on their phone while movie after movie played until we got home were too many to count.

No interaction whatsoever.

Then, I found Mira...

the most patient and kind and loving human and nanny. (I’m getting a sense of relief right now just typing this)

She truly transformed our lives into a more structured utopia where our kids were engaged, learning, and well cared for by someone we trusted…

and our laundry baskets were always empty!

We were able to do more date nights regularly and live a less stressful life. Mira not only cared for our kids, she cared for us all and honestly became a part of our family.

She helped organize our nursery when baby #2 (and later, #3) was on the way, plan so many of our kid’s birthdays, she even celebrated holidays with us.

And when my dad got sick and had to move in with us, Mira stepped right in, no questions asked, to look after him while I worked. When he passed away, Mira was there to mourn with us.


What I learned is that, sure, we can all do it on our own, but having quality support- the right support can honestly add so much to our lives.

So that is what I want to give to other families. I want to make sure to help match families with support that will add relief, joy and consistency to their lives. I strive for Nanny Village to be the resource that families can turn to and trust to help them build their village.


Meet our founder:

Marquis Anne

Owner of Nany Village Agency serving families across Northern California.

Help families find exceptional care from experienced nannies, private educators and family assistants.

Mom of three tiny geniuses and wife of a music industry guru.

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We partner with leading experts

 to provide our families with additional help and resources. From payroll management to child development, we support your family's success. 

Daphne Delvaux,
The Mama Attorney

Daphne Delvaux, The Mama Attorney, is an award-winning senior employment attorney based in San Diego, CA. As a litigator, she has achieved multiple successful jury verdicts as well as over seven-figure dollar settlements.

She is the recipent of multiple awards, including the Outstanding Trial Award.

She is also the mother of a toddler and a newborn baby.

Her experience as a top employment attorney, mother and employer of a wonderful nanny makes her one of the most sought after attorneys in the industry.

Daphne launched www.themamattorney.com, an online portal where she coaches clients on how to protect their health, their family life, and their career growth.

Daphne has been featured in the New York Times, Good Morning America and the Washington Post.

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Jessica Iclisoy,
California Baby

California Baby founder Jessica Iclisoy has always questioned the status quo. While pregnant with her first child, she began to think deeply about how to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. Shocked to discover carcinogens in products for newborns, Jessica set out to find a better option. There wasn’t one. Motivated by her frustration, she substituted unsafe cleansing and fragrance ingredients with high quality plant-based substitutes to develop her own recipe for a gentle, calming shampoo & bodywash. Word of mouth spread quickly, and soon California Baby was born.

Over the next two decades, the power of Jessica’s passion and the exceptional quality of her products grew California Baby exponentially, years before “organic” products became popular. Today, there are about 90 products in the California Baby range, including a collection just for kids (California Kids) and pets (California Fur Baby). Jessica continues to challenge the status quo, always pushing for better, more pure, and more sustainable solutions for our family and yours.

Click the link below to shop and use code NANNYVILLAGE10 for a very special deal on your purchase!

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Dr. Alana Lopez,
Parent Coach, Child Psychologist

Dr. Alana Lopez is a parent coach, child psychologist, and mom. As a parent coach, she takes parenting science and research and makes it playful, personal, and practical for the everyday parent and caregiver (ex: grandparent, teacher, nanny). Her mission is to help parents and caregivers understand children’s emotions and behavior, feel empowered to show up, and grow their confidence and that “I got this!” feeling.

Dr. Lopez has over 10 years of experience working with parents,
caregivers, and children in schools, hospitals, at home, and in private practice. She offers parenting groups, one-on-one coaching, and partners with schools.

Check out her practical parenting tips and videos on
Instagram @dralanalopez.
Instagram & Facebook: @dralanalopez
Website: www.dralanalopez.com

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Chelsea Mills,

HomePay is the leader in household payroll, HR and tax support for busy families since 1992, and is our preferred payroll partner!

Oftentimes, employing a new nanny or caregiver can be overwhelming when faced with federal and state obligations. Legal pay is not as difficult or expensive as you might think and our friends at HomePay are here to make the process affordable and seamless.

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Jillian Van Ness,
Growing Resilient Families

With years of professional experience as a pediatric massage therapist, student music therapist, and baby wearing dance instructor, I’m here to help you, your child, and your family thrive through the exploration of touch, sound, and movement.

As a parent of two children under four, I find myself experiencing waves of anxiety, grief, anger, and overwhelm on the daily. Pandemic-parenting is hard and I’m on a mission to ensure that we don’t do it alone.

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